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When intoxicated the senses become susceptible to five evil voices and vices of egoism resulting in addictive behavior and causing separation of the soul from the divine.

More: Sikh Rehit Maryada (SRM) the Sikhism code of conduct guides every aspect of the Sikhs life whether or not initiated.

If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the Website.

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The practice of circumcision is addressed in the Sikhism code of conduct and in various Sikh scriptures including the compositions of Bhai Gurdas, Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Granth.

More: Eating meat verses a vegetarian diet is a controversial issue in Sikhism for some.

That’s because women with daddy issues have a tendency to comply with men’s requests, just so they can feel wanted and needed.

It’s not so much a reverse psychology thing, as much as a “please love me, I’m sorry I dumped you” thing.

Baptized, or initiated Sikhs who cut or otherwise dishonor hair must confess and accept penance be reinstated.

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