updating jtextarea - Objectdatasource onupdating event

by  |  11-Sep-2018 06:12

All these controls are in an Update Panel When the update button of formview is clicked, the objectdatasource_selecting event rebinds the datakeynames to the database ID and Concurrency ID meaning the concurrency check cannot happen as it looks at the most recent timestamp.

I have checked that nothing else is rebinding Form View although this seems to happen anyway on the postback.

String, customer ID); Parameter obj GPDatabase Parameter = new Parameter("Database", Db Type.

String, gp Database); //set up object data source parameters obj Customer.

For example, if these parameters are part of the SELECT command then add them to the Selecting event, if they need to go with the UPDATE command then add them on the Updating event.

The Object Data Source raises an event before it performs each operation, that's when you can insert parameters (or validate/alter existing parameters).

One of the best new features of the forthcoming ASP. However, as I found out in my experimentation what seems like a simple control has some complex behaviors to master to get it working properly.

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