Josh and vanessa dating

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(: They worked on Journey to the Center of The Earth 2 together, and at this point Vanessa is stating she's single.

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Josh tried to get over his extreme fears in order to be with Maddie and had the courage to tell her how he truly felt. Josh and Maddie flirt, talking about their date and he tells her that since she beat him at a game of Treehouse Horse, (referring to Vive-La-Rooney) she has to plan the date.

Maddie said she was finally ready to move on, she and Josh admitted their true feelings for each other, Maddie asked Josh out, and they started dating. Maddie is nervous about her first date with Josh and asks Joey for help, which leads him to tell her they need a place where they can be alone.

After a mid-afternoon meeting, Vanessa Hudgens headed over to a local pub to celebrate St.

Patrick’s Day in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 17).

Josh and Maddie first met in Cowbell-A-Rooney and Josh was revealed to have feelings for Maddie, after instantly falling in love with her, which he admitted to Liv. When Josh loses against Maddie and starts to leave, she talks him into staying up.

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