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Similarly, the legal instruments and traditions upon which electoral frameworks rest vary.These structures greatly influence the design and revision of frameworks.It can be risky to rush the undertaking of a democratization process.

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The objective of this Encyclopaedia Topic is to analyze, from a comparative perspective, specific issues related to legal and administrative regulations which are fundamental for any election which aspires to be free and fair.

It aims to provide better understanding of what an electoral legal framework is and can aspire to be, and how it can be reformed and improved.

Such “democratic waves” have been supported by effective international cooperation and have also affected Eastern Europe and Africa.

Furthermore, normative designs, the reform of normative designs, and the creation of international or regional electoral systems (European Union, Central American Parliament, for instance), the creation of national (in each single country), state, autonomous, departmental, municipal, or county electoral systems must take into account cultural, economic, legal, social and political particularities which affect electoral institutions and electoral processes.

Beyond the selection of public officials, citizens often use elections to accept or reject legislative bills, governmental decisions and resolutions.

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