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Moto-Guzzi, Moto-Ducati, Moto-Laverda, so perhaps Hedstrom was familiar with that.The earliest Indian models looked like mopeds (bicycles with small single cylinder engines) and only 3 were made in 1901. Interestingly, Triumph began production in 1902 and Harley-Davidson the year after (1903). This "Big Three" are still around a century later, while many other brands which started later died off years ago.

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In 1914 Indian had been the first with both electric lighting and an electric starter.

All very advanced but they did not continue with the electric starters longer than six years.

These early Chiefs had gear driven primary in aluminium casings, in oil bath.

(English and Harley motorcycles were still using leaky pressed steel primary cases decades later.) The 1928 Scout 101 (750 cc.) was and is regarded as Indian's best handling if not best-ever motorcycle. Neither the Ace nor Indian fours should be confused with the Henderson-Excelsior Four, although all three derived from the same design by Mr. Note how the skirted ("valenced") fenders which came out in 1940 completely change the look of the Fours.

Indian's next major development came in 1916 when Hedstrom's former assistant Charles Gustafson developed the 1 litre "Powerplus".

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